Pedaling your way through our Desert paradise is an excellent way to see Palm Springs on your next visit, while also providing you with a great physical activity to maintain or improve your fitness program! Palm Springs spans over 94 square miles, making it the largest city in all of Riverside county by size. Golf, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, biking, and hiking in the nearby desert and mountain areas are major forms of recreation in Palm Springs. Fitness and pleasure biking enthusiasts both will find Palm Springs the perfect vacation destination to see the sights, stay healthy and have the most fun doing so...all from atop bicycle seat.

Perhaps you have packed up the Prius with the kids, the dogs, Grandma or just the two of you for a visit to our slice of paradise. Or maybe you are minutes away from boarding your flight to beautiful Palm Springs. Suddenly, you imagined how awesome it would be if you only had room for the bikes on the roof of your car or underneath you in the plane cargo hold. 

But, alas...there is not enough time to pack up the pedals and Grandma is becoming notably itchy, eager to arrive in time and secure her favorite 'slot spot' at The Spa Resort & Casino. The kids are now getting restless, the four legged kind fully engaged in drooling on himself way back in 'crate class'. Everyone wants to be here now! What to do? Please the whole crew, of course! Arrive here on schedule, stay fit and healthy, have a great adventure in Palm Springs. Rent your bicycles at one of my favorite bike shops and get going! Here is my 'bestie' when it comes to two wheeled fitness in our Desert Oasis.

You'll find everything you need for fitness and fun on two wheels, or even 3, at Bike Palm Springs! The knowledgeable, helpful and uber friendly owners and crew at BPS greet you warmly, are enthusiastic and professional, always going out of their way to exceed your expectations. 

Blair Morgan, co-owner of this fabulous rental outlet, says the most obvious draw for cyclists visiting Palm Springs is our flat landscape. “It is an easy ride, for the most part, wherever you go,” he says. “There are a lot of trails and bike lanes, and Palm Springs is becoming more bike-friendly every year.” Bike Palm Springs has an amazing array of cycles to fit every purpose and budget, fitness level and bicycle experience. Rent your pedal pushing fun for the day, the week, an hour or half day. Blair and his crew give you all the rental options to best fit your needs! And if you are a fan of electric bikes, they rent and sell those, too!

Bike Palm Springs is the shop to rent your wheels from while visiting Palm Springs. They are conveniently located in the heart of the village, at 625 N Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA., 92262. You can phone them for reservations and information at 1-760-832-8912, or email to So, Have fun. Be Fit. See fabulous Palm Springs the Bike Palm Springs way! After a day of touring our streets and trails on bikes, you'll know much more about PS, you will feel great, you'll be elated that you contacted BPS for all your bike rental needs. Just don't forget to swing by the casino to pick up Grandma on your way home from touring our Desert Paradise!