Put The Pedals To The Pavement To See Palm Springs & Stay Fit!

Pedaling your way through our Desert paradise is an excellent way to see Palm Springs on your next visit, while also providing you with a great physical activity to maintain or improve your fitness program! Palm Springs spans over 94 square miles, making it the largest city in all of Riverside county by size. Golf, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, biking, and hiking in the nearby desert and mountain areas are major forms of recreation in Palm Springs. Fitness and pleasure biking enthusiasts both will find Palm Springs the perfect vacation destination to see the sights, stay healthy and have the most fun doing so...all from atop bicycle seat.


Palm Springs is a desert paradise with an urban sensibility. Visually striking, the natural scenery and deep blue sky form a perfect backdrop for this vibrant city’s eclectic display of modern architecture. Sun-starved? Look no further, as this Coachella Valley community, nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains, enjoys 350 days of sunshine annually.

Palm Reader

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a cliché box of chocolates and bouquet of roses just aren’t enough to express how truly special your love is. Luckily, Palm Springs has plenty of options to celebrate your romance. From decadent spa treatments to private horseback tours of the Indian Canyons, you and your sweetie will enjoy a memorable romantic experience in Palm Springs.

Dynamic Desert: Exploring midcentury—and modern—Palm Springs

Stretched out on a poolside lounger, sipping a tall, icy beverage as the sun warms the grass-fringed deck, I squint behind my shades and imagine a swim-trunks-clad Don Draper emerging from one of The Horizon Hotel’s low-slung guestroom buildings and strolling over for a refreshing midday splash. Indeed, my Mad Men–inspired daydream fits right in with the retro ambiance of this carefully restored 1952 hotel. The only incongruity in this quintessential summertime scene is the snow blanketing the dramatic San Jacinto Mountains behind me. This is Palm Springs in the winter.

Pedaling Around Palm Springs

The Coachella Valley attracts bicycle enthusiasts for myriad reasons: ideal weather, easy terrain, stellar sightseeing, green attitude, great exercise, cycle-centric events such as Tour de Palm Springs, and a growing network of bike paths. According to Blair Morgan, co-owner of the local rental outlet Bike Palm Springs, the most obvious draw for cyclists is the flat landscape.

Places to Go- Bike Palm Springs Rentals & Tours

One of the reasons that I moved to Palm Springs in 1999 was to experience the great weather that I did not have while living in San Francisco. With about 320 days of sun here in the Desert, one can go hiking, biking, yoga in the park, take a stroll in town. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Palm Springs and I decided to get out of the office and go for walk. I headed north on Palm Canyon Dr towards the Uptown district when I came across one of Palm Springs' newest businesses: Bike Palm Springs Rental & Tours

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With wide streets, flat terrain, and often very little traffic, Palm Springs is an ideal place to ride a bike. But until recently, if you didn’t own your own, renting one meant driving down valley to get one. Then, in fall of 2009, Blair and Rocky decided to change that. With Blair still running his busy interior design practice in San Francisco and Palm Springs, and Rocky deciding to retire from his contracting business, the couple of six years decided to start a new venture modeled after the successful businesses they saw on vacations to Provincetown: a bike rental company. Thus, BIKE Palm Springs was born.

5th Annual Desert Garden Tour in Palm Springs

Consider renting a bike from Bike Palm Springs, and ride to each home on the 5th Annual Desert Garden Tour. You’ll not only help the environment but you’ll help Desert Horticultural Society.

April & May BIKE Months (palmspringsgreenscene.com)

Great news for residents and visitors in the western side of the valley, Palm Springs has a new bike rental shop, perfectly situated downtown a block North from the original Koffi, and near the Movie Colony. They rent cruisers and Townies. These bikes are built for comfort, safety, and sight seeing. The way the bikes are designed help keep your back straight and give more stability when you stop..good for younger and older riders alike. They have 4 hour rates, day rates, 3 day and weekly rates.

PALM SPRINGS IN YOUR STEP (vitamindaily.com)

Rent a beach cruiser from the new Bike Palm Springs and follow one of their free touring routes or explore the surrounding movie colony neighbourhood where mid-century star-chitecture abounds.